Kyle Brian – AC/DC – Back in Black (Drum Cover)


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  1. Awww right THIS VID IS BACK …..In Black😆👍👍. This fine performance dissappeared on ya peeps out here, but is back..whoo hoo!
    Haha Bro!! Ya got after this one – luv it🤘. You can jam that's for sure👊. I enjoyed this very much, thank you 👏.

  2. Mr. Video Ninja!! Ya quite tha rock star yourself👊. I enjoy your good eye & video skills on all your work. However, this vid right here. …has some different angles. All perfect combo. Every shot is truly right on, perfect timing with Kyle. This is excellent mix of pro shots and its not too busy. Goes great with Kyle! Thanks for doing such a great job😆💪

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