Lana Del Rey – Cola (Official Video)


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  1. Yes! I remember this video and I was looking for so long … It leaked 3 days before the release of the Paradise edition.

    Then Lana had officially published it, before completely removing it 1 week later. It was for the promotion of her album, a short video to teaser all the songs he contented. I had cried the first time I had heard Cola lol.

    It is true that nothing is happening. But it was nice. I can understand that she suppressed it because it was strange enough.

  2. This chick is Good, but she is creeping me out by the way she is staring at me like she wants to use her powers of hypnosis to steal my wallet and then demand me to pay her P.I.M.P for the backstage meet and at which point her bodyguard/pimp/lover, this brotha is a 3 prong fork of of fighting and fucking, but since my broke ass can't pay Lana's freaky deaky witch ass Lana's hired muscle is gonna slap the shit out of me with his big black pimp hand! ✋ I'll stick with Lorde thank you very much, that bitch is younger and more take.

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