Lana Del Rey – Gods And Monsters (Official Video) [Lyrics + Sub Español]


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  1. It's such a beautiful and amazing song but it's so hard to watch or listen because all I want to do is slam H right in my veins… still… I fucking love that song. Just too many triggers here…

  2. Invoking the name Jim Morrison could sound like the most poseurish thing ever, but she is doing it intentionally, self-consciously, even. It isn't Jim Morrison, it's the image of Jim Morrison. She's singing about living fast (and, one assumes, the dying young that goes with it), not as a rebellion from the old authority, but as the new salvation. There's nothing else. Fame, money, sex; these are not distractions from a higher truth, they're the *only* truth. Note the intentional perversion of Garden of Eden to Garden of Evil. We were never innocent. There was no fall, so why not get high?
    (It's important to make the distinction that this is not an explicit endorsement of actually living this way. It's a way of characterizing a mood, an outlook on things, a philosophy. But it doesn't mean you have to actually BE debauched to understand debauchery.)

  3. No one can do it like Lana. Hers is THE ORIGINAL. She wrote and came up with this song. Everyone else is just a copy. This song speaks of the reality of this fallen world and the mindset of humanity. For those who find her lyrics offensive, she is not speaking against God. She is telling a story about millions of people who live a life that’s depicted in this video and how they think. She nailed the psychology behind good and evil. Pure genius.

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