Lana Del Rey – Gods and Monsters – Official Video (Tropico)


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  1. You got that medicine I need
    Dope, shoot it up straight
    To the heart please

    I don't really wanna know
    What's good for me
    God's dead, I said
    "baby that's alright with me"

    No one's gonna take my soul away
    Living like Jim Morrison
    Headed towards a fucked up holid

  2. its like she has been using her monies for smack and the occasional night in the club, she looks so happy dancing as a zombie in the club, makes me happy based on her misarable existence in this video

  3. she would need to establish a safe word before we start and make sure she yells it loudly and clearly because shit would get seriously freaky. U would need an anatomically correct doll to be able to fully explain the things I would do to her.

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  5. Lana uses the allegory of God and Satan as a metaphor of the life before and after the speaker met her lover. The former is dull while the latter makes her really feel alive. “I don’t really wanna know what’s good for me/ God’s dead” means that only her lover can take her to another land where she does not have to follow the rules and can truly be herself. Here's the full interpretation of the song:

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