Lana Del Rey – Lust for Life – Music Video – REACTION – Ft. The Weeknd


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  1. plssss react to 'bang bang' title track from movie 'Bang bang' guys.your reaction is so u guys but plssss react for a single Bollywood song.u will surely enjoy dancing to this song.over200 million views for this song.I am sharing u the link of this song U will never be disappointed by seeing this song.plssss watch and react for your Indian fans plsss

  2. I think this is inspired by Peg Entwistle. She was an actress in the 30s who committed suicide by jumping from the H of the Hollywood sign. The way I see it, Abel is already dead and calling her to death so she can join him. "My boyfriend's back and he's cooler than ever". Also lyrics that may indicate suicide "'Cause we're the masters of our own fate/We're the captains of our own souls/So there's no need for us to hesitate/We're all alone, let's take control". In the end they are together in a place that looks like earth but in another dimension, thus the peace sign planet.

  3. This song plus video is about a Hollywood star who committed suicide.

    ''Then, we dance on the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah
    'Til we run out of breath, gotta dance 'til we die''

    These are clues that it goes about the Hollywood sign girl, whose real name is Peg Entwisle.
    In the 1920's Peg moved to Hollywood from NY, she has some succes as a stage actress. (start of the video)
    But she struggled at the West Coast, in 1932 she committed suicide by jumping of the h from the Hollywood sign.

    The Lust For Life album trailer also draws comparisons to Peg's story, Lana is a ghost who lives in the h of the Hollywood sign.
    People still report seeing Peg on the same h she jumped off of even though it's more then 80 years ago.
    In the trailer there is also a ladder, Peg reportedly used a ladder to get up the h.
    The director of the trailer confirms there are hidden tie ins people should take note of.
    The director also says this:

    ''Each thing is placed on purpose. We want people to ask, Why a ladder? why the seven planets? as songs and the rest of the album are released they will become more clear''

    And how climbs Lana on the ladder? that's right a ladder!
    On the audio of Lust for Life you see Lana and The Weeknd on the h of the Hollywood sign, and Lana has a notebook in her lap
    this could be a reference to the suicide note Peg left after she jumped of the h.
    And lastly, what does Lana do at the end of the music video? she didn't jump of the h, but she slid of the d.
    This song/video/album is a lot deeper then i expected to be.

  4. The Weeknd is her lover but he is dead so she meets his spirit/ghost and she commits suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign so they could be together in the after life the song has reference from a famous actor in the 30s who commits suicide by jumping off the H from the Hollywood sign, now with that being said can y'all please react to the "Evolution of The Weeknd"

  5. The suicide is a metaphor! As you know, Lana has always had this depressing (not in a bad way) vibe, that surrounds her. She's always known as the sad girl, and that's why some people don't like her. Lust For Life is her re-branding herself, as a happier, much healthier girl. Her "killing herself" was actually her killing her previous attitude towards life. That's why her and The Weeknd look much happier in the Tulip field, and it turns out to be a peace sign. It's symbolizes that she is finally happy in life and that she is at peace.

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