Lana del Rey – Video Games live Manchester Ruby Lounge 04-11-11


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  1. @thatCanadiangrrrl She really warmed into the performance and got great feedback off the crowd 😀 It was a really positive show – just wish they had a bit better lighting at the Ruby lounge

  2. @arieleisflushy She really did seem to feed off the audience reaction, I only felt that she might have been slightly nervous on the first song but the reaction was still good and just got better as the night went on 😀

  3. @DaniellaSloane The video is not the best as the lighting was a stretch for my camera (so that may be the cause of some of the thumbs down) but yeah it's curious as to why people who obviously don't like Lana search for her videos ??

  4. What I learn from watching her live performances is if you are lucky enough to be at one of her performances, let her know you are happy to be there. Audiences that don't like her or don't really care for her don't get her very best efforts. I wish I could have been at this show, the audience really loves her in this one.

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