Lana del Rey Yayo live Lizzy Grant


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  1. She was never a failure. It didn't even take her that long to break through.

    Her first album didn't have a chance to fail. She pulled it so it wouldn't distract from Born to Die. If you pay attention, you'll see that the first album has a gigantic fanship on the Net; if she released it, it would sell a lot of copies.

    Why believe the falsehood you're spreading here?

  2. its great here but she can't perform like this much now because of her fame i would love to see her in a little pub venue but unfortunately i think the venues will only get bigger 🙁

  3. They are the same person of course but i warm to Lizzy Grant much more than Lana, even if its less "professional" a show etc. It seems so natural and sweet, she seems genuine when she laughs at wrong notes and stuff. You can tell she has a talent for song writing because although her guitar skills are very basic she still managed to come up with this, which made it all the way to the newest album. I wish there was just a bit more Lizzy in Lana now, a lot of it seems so artificial. To me the old videos are great.

  4. Also, there's little doubt to me that her commercially successful stuff is being heavily influenced by the other writers on the albums, because its so very different to what she used to do back here with a guitar and a mic.

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