Lawdy Miss Clawdy rockabilly guitar lesson by Tom Conlon


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  1. Great demonstration of a Scotty solo. Every guitar player who wants to learn blues, rock and country should study Scotty. His unique technical skills, his excellent musicianship, and his highly individual sound are things we should all strive for.

  2. wow thanks this is done right for the first time on youtube i have a request a song called spiders and snakes by jim stafford its a great country rock song no one has done this right and all its parts just one on basic strumming can't find this and its chords anywhere here is the song on you tube i know you must get lots of requests but you might like it enough to do it maybe maybe not i would pay for the lesson and thanks alot for the Elvis guitar lessons me like everyone else can never enough of the Elvis stuff done right 🙂

  3. Good comment from 27Bop 2017 but I like this type of video, many guitarists play by ear and feel which seems to be spontaneous and natural as opposed to a technical way and following rules. I think you must follow the rules to know what you're doing but then being different comes with experience and the natural feel. Tom Conlon just shows 'put your fingers here…' no talking and slow demos, excellent.

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