least performed songs by lana del rey (feat. forgotten songs)


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  1. This might give people a few ideas for song requests at her shows! I also want to mention that I hope Lana is doing better after the traumatic event that happened recently. Just know that you can take a breath and step back to recollect yourself to process something that could have affected your life. Your mental health comes first. Always speak up when you think something seems suspicious or is giving you red flags. Sending good vibes and safety to everyone going to her (and other artists) concerts. Going to the San Diego show soon. Have a lovely day, everyone. <3

  2. Honeymoon is like the lost album half of the songs have never been performed! So many good ones here, I just wish I could sit in a room with her for a whole day and listen to her sing her whole discography <3

  3. I need to listen(live) to Bel Air, This is What makes us girls, The Other Woman, The Man I love, Flipside, God knows I tried, Fine China, Break My Fall, Is this Happiness, ART DECO, RELIGION, BLACKEST DAY!!, 24, Swan Song.
    A lot of my fav songs are included in the not yet sang live list. Lana pleaseeee

  4. It’s a shame she never performed “Bel Air” live, just imagine the “Tropico Trilogy” of songs live on stage. Maybe the visuals would be reminiscent of the short film with interludes of the poetry in between. I don’t know, but I would’ve loved to see it, and hear what her band would do to create a ‘rock/psychedelic-ish’ version of “Bel Air” even though the studio instrumental is mostly drums, piano and an orchestra well as a sampled cheering at the start and end.

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