Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song (Live 1972) (Official Video)


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  1. I posted LED ZEP on facebook and months later, today I get this >2 of your posts go against our standards on nudity or sexual activity…

    they were led zep houses of the holy, they were Houses of the Holy songs with the cover.

  2. OK, the music (and audio track) is a keeper. Unfortunately, as is tragically epidemic on YouTube and elsewhere, the breathless Artiste Wannabees in the video production team felt obliged to inflict themselves on us throughout the piece by stooopidly using incessant fast-cuts straight from The Cerebral Palsy School Of Cinematography because, ya know! it's all about them! so we are obliged to constantly be reminded of their part in the whole mess rather than being allowed to just watch skilled musicians do their thing. (and, yah – I know – it was the 70s and they didn't know any better)
    Here – I have an amazingly innovative suggestion for video teams producing videos of musicians in performance:
    1) Point the cameras at the musicians. (Split-screen if possible, one per musician)
    3) Let a musician (not some talentless video dweeb loser) do the editing and post production.
    Thank you very much. (sheesh!!)

  3. For those of you youngsters who never saw the mighty Zeppelin live, I have only 5 words for you and they are "I feel sorry for you". Those of us who were born under the right star and saw the best band in the world perform immigrant song live, we are blessed by some rock and roll God. No matter how much you wish you did, you didn't and you can't anymore. I on the other hand saw them open at the Garden with this hard driving anthem to heavy metal Mecca. yes, it's safe to say I feel for you. You can only out the vinyl on the stereo and dream. I may sound callous, but oh well, tough. Pray at the altar of Zeppelin and maybe, if you're good, when we're all dead, we can attend their heavenly concert.🌿🎸🥁🎸😇

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