“Let There Be Rock & Angus Guitar Solo” AC/DC (W/Axl Rose)@Philadelphia 9/20/16


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  1. I've been listening to AC/DC for 22 of my 34 years, including 3 live shows dating back to 2000. Angus' solos in this performance of LTBR surely sounded as if he put every last drop of sweat and every last ounce of bad ass rock and roll attitude that he had left in him into it. He was on fire. Sad to see the boys end their career with such a lackluster crowd – they deserved a crowd like Argentina gave them at River Plate. I watched this video win a grin on my face and tears in my eyes. THANK YOU AC/DC. There will never be a rock band to eclipse your status as rock gods. I salute you!!!

  2. All's I can say is wow….and whoa…..and what the f……damn! I am so dumb struck amazed by the ACDC phenomenon from my high school daze in the late seventies to this now……non stop kick-ass!

  3. This song Dave Grohl sings better, Axl is good at for Those About To Rock to be fair. In NZ the white man had the smokes, the black man had the booze, coz it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.

  4. This is the last show with Cliff Williams. Will it also be the last of the band AC/ DC? I can only say that AC/ DC will be forever in my heart and that Angus Young is a Rock N 'Roll legend. I miss the news so much. Has the band retired?

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