Love me Like Rock and Roll – Katie Noel – Lead single from new album!


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  1. Fuck yes! I’m straight feeling this. WOW your in my top 6 for sure UPCHURCH, HANK, STRUGGLE, JELLY, ADAM and my girl Katie…… yes this entire group has one thing in common they did it there way. Not the way others said they should but the dug into their souls and pulled out that was within them and out it in their music and released it from their hearts. I love you Katie Noel because your real and your my female artist Outlaw…..

  2. So impressed with your breadth of talent… You can perform! This has got to be a favorite because it just feels like you're in love with this song and it comes through. The "it" they all talk about. Whether you rap or sing, you're stock is rising quickly. Love to see you fly! Enjoy the journey, Katie! Keep making bangers!

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