Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father


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  1. My father passed away on 7 aug 2018, I had a promise to take him to the hospital to get MRI check in 8 augt but it never happened, he passed in a day before.
    I still remember his face untill now that he always came to my house in Wednesday and friday night and Sunday morning in church.
    Dear GOD,
    Please help me to get through this

  2. It's hard listening to this when you dont have a father like that. I know when my father dies I will be devastated but it hurts so much that he wouldn't care because he never cared about me. I always wished I had a father that truly loved me and cared about me. At least I know I will try to give my children a father who cares about them and their mother.

  3. Adjei-Benneh, Sunyani
    Dad is around @ 83 but the dreadful thoughts of losing him one day makes me love him the more whenever I listen to this song. My mom walked out on him when I was 4 and now @ 56,
    and the only issue between them, I guess you understand the
    way I feel…

  4. I lost my dad last august 23, 2018 and its soooo painful I cant stop my self crying every time I play this song he died last month and I dont have a chance to see him for his last day on this earth and will never see him again I love u soooo much papa

  5. I lost my father 2016 June and I still can't let go. I miss him everyday of life. This song reminds a lot of him he bought the CD for me. And when luther passed on he called me to say sorry and I thought he was talking about someone living same street or family. Oh my father I lost without you. My kids are lost without you. Your wife always crying sitting around us. It's hurt me so bad. We still love you 😘

  6. When i always hear this song..tear can stop fallen…im jst 7 years old when my dad left me…im now 30..i grow up without the guidance of my father..but i things god i have my mama.& grandma…ilove you so much my two mama…

  7. Shame my brother Mark said words about my spirit at his wedding… God is our Father…Edgar is a crime…Daughter of God knows better my brother is not the glorious counsel, but he is vain enough to still think so after 30 years Creator, Christ, and Mrs Peppermeier

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