Making A Beat: 80s Vibe (Like Bruno Mars) In Logic Pro X


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  1. You know though, this is really missing a better drum track. The beat gets monotonous after a bit, which is not something the 80s music does very much. If they looped the drums, it was a pretty long and varied loop.

  2. Hi Stefan , in order to play funk music , what scales and theories should I learn because I'm a classical pianist , but want to learn how to play funk music . Like chords , solos etc. There must be a scale or somewhat I need to learn? Thank you !

  3. Stefan, idk if you sing or compose songs with sung lyrics, but regarding genres that are repetitive such as Contemp R&B and Funk, how would you compose the instrumentals? I always think of my DAW based productions as too simple, every measure is never the same, idk if it's good to complicate that much. I find 24k Magic the album quite complex as a whole, variations everywhere and I feel really lost in whether I should make it complicated like Bruno did or do it simply like Prince and Rick James did

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