Matt Cardle – Amazing


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  1. Love the lyrics of this! Matt should be internationally known? I never understand how things in music are trashed because a lot of stuff we never really hear…RADIO STATIONS PLAY IT!!!!!

  2. The only moment that this song sounds A LITTLE like Photograph is in the chorus and not that much. This guy was really smart accusing Ed. Smart and ridiculously evil. Unnecessary. His song is good and that's all. Stop being envious.

  3. 我是ED sheeran 台灣的粉絲,我明白一些人想護航的心。但是還請大家公正並且眼睛放亮點,這首歌整整比photography 早了四年,何來抄襲photography ?

  4. Keep that adorable chin up Matt. You're taking the heat for something you had nothing to do with. The music industry is vicious and there's a LOT of jealousy, especially when someone is as successful and talented as you are. All of your fans stand behind you. Much love <3<3@

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