Michael Jackson – Another Part of Me (Official Video)


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  1. One of my first (went with my dad and nephew) and best concert ever!! I am 43 yrs old now and will never forget this concert. Kim Wild openend the show. Michael was amazing, so where his dancers, backing vocals and his band! His stage and the show he gave still give me goosebumps when I think back at this concert. The energy they all gave. When he flew over the crowd, the crowd went nuts. People were screaming, crying (yes even men :)), singing and dancing during the whole show. Even a group of Hells Angels members where doing their thing. Music and entertaining at his best! -De Kuip in Rotterdam, Holland * THANK YOU MICHAEL <3 *

  2. it always kills me that his kids find out his dad was THAT famous when they found a video of one of. his concerts and saw people passing out at the sight of him, lol, imagine the epic. You're forever missed Mike💓💓💥

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