Michael Jackson – Behind the Mask


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  1. Como Michael Jackson dicen q esta muerto al contrario está más vivo q el pez nemo además si estuviera muerto como sacaron esa canción y su voz es idéntica además la parte final sale un hombre a se esta quitando la máscara esa persona es Michael Jackson ok weno bye

  2. I'd really like to give Michael a present. for example a bouquet of flowers, one of my drawings, a stuffed toy or a warm sincere hug. I know my comment will probably go unnoticed, but I want to say something: Michael Jackson was a good man, he was a man with a heart of gold, he was able to change a lot in the life of one fifteen-year-old girl, he made her look at the world differently, he made her change for the better, change yourself. This fifteen-year-old girl is me and since I started listening to his songs, my life has changed a lot. Thank you, Michael…. thank you…you're my hero…

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