Michael Jackson – Heal The World – Reaction 1st Time Hearing (Official Video)


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  1. Robk Reacts Heal the World was a charity foundation that Michael started. The thing you were thinking of that was like Live Aid was USS For Africa, which Michael and Lionel Richie teamed up for and wrote We Are The World. Michael didnt want to do it at first since he had just gotten done with Thriller and The Victory tour was coming up or had ended, but Quincy Jones, producer of Off The Wall album, Thriller album and the BAD album, said to Michael 'Think about the kids' and from that point on Michael was ready to do it. You shoukd definatley react to the music video. it stars, other than Michael and Lionel, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Cindy Lauper, and a lot more

  2. Robk Reacts Even though Michael actually made real Short films, Thriller, Captain EO, Bad, and Ghosts, he always called his music videos short films because, to him, they were more than just an ordinary music video everyone else was doing

  3. The live aid with Michael was called USA for Africa. The song they recorded with a lot of artist in the mid 80s is called "We Are The World". It was written by Michael and Lionel Richie 🙂 If you search we are the world on youtube, you should find the original video pretty easily:)

  4. We are the world USA for Africa. Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie . Featuring many icons and legends like . Ray Charles, bob Dylan , Bruce Springsteen , Stevie Wonder , Tina Turner, Steve Perry and so on …

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