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  1. what impresses me most is that you did this BEFORE his death. it's hard to find a video about Michael made before 25th of june 2009 nowadays, even more a positive one. thank you so much for that
    also it's really fantastic how you put the pictures and the music together. it's so… professional like. 🙂 you say so much without using one word. that's just amazing.
    thanks a lot for sharing

  2. I remember asking my grandma: 'will he die?' She said: 'yes he will'. Even though I was 9 years old back then, it was still terrifying for me. He was (and still is) my idol. When I was three, I always listened to his music. Now, I'm still listening to his music, and I really wish I could've been at one of his concerts. Rest in peace, King of Pop.

  3. There was and ever will be only one King. Elvis Presley.

    Sadly Michael Jackson couldn't deal with it and demanded to be named the king of pop around the release of his single "Black and White".

    Here is the story on that one:

    Elvis was given his title already way back in the fifties. And it was GIVEN to him! And he didn't like it that much. And humble as he was he always pointed towards the skies and said "there is only one King. Jesus Christ.

    Larry Stessel, an executive at Epic Records at the time, explains the origin of the name:

    Michael called me one day and said, "I want to have a nickname, like 'The Boss' or 'The King.'" I said, "Well, Bruce Springsteen is 'The Boss,' and Elvis Presley is 'The King.' You can't be the King because you'll never live it down. The press will rip you apart." But Michael would not let this go. He hired his own personal publicist, Bob Jones. And one day, Bob issued a press release announcing that Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. Michael went rogue on us.

    How sad is that…..

    Behind that mask of an innocent and shy boy hid a very, very big ego grown out of the miserable youth that traumatized him to the point that his need for love and attention drove him right out of reality. And despite desperate attempts like this he would never become "an Elvis" and deep down he knew it.

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