Michael Jackson – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – This Is It – Crystal Clear – HD


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  1. Was he singing “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” in Spanish in the beginning of this video?! 😍 I played it twice it sounds like he is!!!😅 WOW HE’S JUST MAGICAL!! ♥️ HE IS SO CUTE TALKING ABOUT, “I CANT BE GIVING IT ALL LIKE THAT IN REHEARSAL CUZ I HAVE TO SAVE MY VOICE”!! 😂😍♥️

  2. Bria Howell I think she did sing his part in 1:50 cuz he stopped & was like what are you doing?! But in a nice way!! I think she might of did it to him in another video I saw of them two singing the same song!! Like isn’t that what rehearsal is for so that you practice & you don’t mess up!! He needed to tell her on the spot cuz this tour was going to be a huge thing, it was suppose to be his last HURRAH, so there should be no room for mistakes!! 😖😬

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