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  1. In the beginning, while he is watching his 'Billie Jean' performance and she just asks him a question, and he just turns around suddenly and stares at her with these big, sparkling dark eyes… I feel I can't move. What is it about him that is so incredibly alluring? If it were any other man, wearing make-up, I wouldn't find that attractive, but there is something in Michael, this out-of-this-world charisma, I guess, his soul, his aura… He is just so ethereal and absolutely breathtaking.

  2. I think this man had a sad live, he was closed off form other humans because every fan saw him as a God and also never had a childhood then he was accused of being a pedofile, I don't know if this true or not. Didn't every see a real evidence that was. But I think That put him even more in isolation then before. You can even hear it in his music in the end how start have problems whit drugs. Just sad end he went to soon

  3. I hate how reporters change when they interviewed Michael bc he was a kind sweet person who wanted nothing but to change the world and they make it seem like he was a horrible pedophile who was just faking not having a childhood so that he could seem innocent to the public …😥they destroyed his life with these lies .ily Michael we know the truth and we will never forget you and your message of love peace and harmony for all Man kind

  4. I think it would have been impossible for Michael to do anything to hurt a child, because Michael is sensitive and passionate. Abusers are people who are dead inside, which is the opposite of what he is. I've watched him with his fans. Even when women threw themselves at him, he never once was disrespectful.

  5. All I know Michael.. Is since Off the Wall I've been madly in love with you. You threw all them tramps in my face. I had to watch you marry a thot. And you did it secret.. So when It's my time to go. You better be waiting for me on the otherside serenading me with flowers. Apologizing for not knowing me in the human life.. On bended knee. Saying, Now it is forever.. You hear me Mike!!! Lol 💖💖💖💖 well at least that's how it goes down in my dreams.

  6. See how this worthless media add their bullshit narrative about this man without stating facts. What the fuck was this Diane Sawyer even talking about? He was a perfectionist. He had a skin disorder. He was not in his prison. These bitter liberal elite media talking heads with their narratives ruins the whole interview. Let the talent and genius show without the lying views about him. This is why he did not do interviews because this media is too focus on assassinating his character. I am glad Diane Sawyer is no longer on tv and I am even more glad that people see Michael’s genius more than anything.

  7. FUCK YOU DIANE SAWYER!!!! Long live the king 🤴 This man was as genius. Fuck all of you who bashed him. I don’t wish death on her but i were sure walk up to her like “ omg! Hi 👋 Diane I’m a fan” then pow 👊 punch her face in, “that’s for Michael!”

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