MICHAEL JACKSON – Let Me Show You The Way To Go Full Song


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  1. I think one of mj, s songs are great from the one that played one of his soundtracks called you are never alone and it sounds great it reminds us to show our kindness for our heavenly father

  2. pyramid shape earth. innner earth underground cities.everlasting life. become breatharian. sun gaze water moon gaze and smoothies. libe forever..YOUR ENERGY LIVES ON FOREVER. CREATE YOUR OWN STAR. I DID. I HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. LUKE CH 17. THE KINHDOM IS WITHIN US WITHIN YOU. RESTORE THE PYRAMIDS IN AMERICA

  3. Probably the one song I’ve re-liked more times than I could count. But against a tune like this nothing can amount.

    A man who made millions in all that he sold,
    But with talent and spirit worth more than gold.
    The times when I feel sombre and wonder, if I’ll grow old.
    Listening to this warms me when I’m feeling the cold.
    Though I know there’s much darkness within a fold.
    Jus’ gotta be in the present, with the love that I hold.
    I capture moments, so deep, and untold.
    Embracing all that fits no mould.

    ❤️🌟🎶💝 MJ❤️

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