Michael Jackson | Privacy (Reconstructed NOT GUILTY Remix) #justice4mj #mjinnocent


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  1. First time we get new vocals from Invincible album. It's been 18 years. 18 years to get the first Extended edition with new vocals. How long are gonna have to wait to hear a second extended edition? I'll probably be dead!!!!!!

  2. Love your stuff…. is there any way you could redo reconstruct or whatever it is .. the song tabloid junkie?? Quite a few of us think this be perfect what's going on and I think you're just the guy to do it 🙂 let me know thank you

  3. Shook this is sooo bommmb omg it’s like Michael still has that voice thru his fans. Mj4ever innocent. The truth will prevail, and those who lie gotta live w themselves or face God at the end of the day w their lies.
    Props to you for putting this together, I have chills. Especially hearing all the not guiltys again.

  4. Everyone who loves MJ, put that love into action . Go to Taj Jackson's go fund me page to donate for his documentary HONORING his uncle MJ. If all the fans donate even 1-10 dollars now they can get it made sooner. It is going to be legit

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