Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Official Video)


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  1. This track taken from the best album he ever made, the 1979 Of The Wall, the track written the British member of Heatwave Rod Temperton, is another example of the depth of quality that particular album produced, the album itself was produced by the musical genius that is Quincy Jones

  2. I'm older than Michael by a bit. I've been listening to his/The Jackson Five music since they hit the scene. Michael changed starting in the late 80's early nineties. Why? Who can say. I think he was caring around issues. There is no question that Michael Jackson was a very talented individual and produced some great music…but he was a troubled soul. In the end Michael Jackson basically killed himself. I believe he was slowly committing suicide for 10 years or more. His music will last into the far distant future, that's for sure.

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