Michael Jackson – Slave To The Rhythm REACTION!!!


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  1. Technically, this was not a hologram. Its actually an upgrade of an old illusion called the Pepper's Ghost, which relies on mirrors and blue or green-screen effects. In the case of "Slave to the Rhythm", the entire stage design was duplicated in a second room, and then projected on multiple screens. The live dancers in the foreground helped sell the effect, but you can still see the separate screens when the lighting effects strobed…particularly during the Michael avatar's moonwalk.

  2. I thank you so much have a positive outlook on this hologram Michael Jackson I too think it is awesome I have never got a chance to really see Michael Jackson and this seems like it would give me an opportunity to do so I am so tired of those haters out there they must understand Michael Jackson was ahead of his time I had always always had done set this is a contributed to his fans and to the one that was closest to him all these people who keep hating on him it ain't right in fact beyond you they are in cave dwelling days technology is about to blow up and they are afraid as hell about it I think what Michael Jackson did for his family and for his fans and the video slave to the rhythm? Oh my God yes yes yes yes, is beautiful, yes. I hope they do more and I hope their fans appreciate it thank you for your opinion, I think it was wonderful, I love your energy was awesome.

  3. Just watched your reaction and felt your specific reactions as I did when I first watched it. Your Beautiful….where is our next MJ? We still got this video though! Other than knowing the entire dance routine to Thriller as my family would dance to that video on MTV back in the day when it was debuted. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wikipedia says it's incorrectly referred to as a hologram. It refers to the performance as an illusion.

    Anyway, seeing this performance, and the King on stage again after his….. 😢☹
    Umm, I'm not going further into explaining bcz I refuse to be bummed out today, so… yeah. 😐
    And great reaction! You said nearly everything I was thinking. 🙂

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