Michael Jackson – (Story Behind) Human Nature – GMJHD


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  1. So originally this is my most favorite song and the best song of Michael Jackson (for me). And now…..I am just really addicted to it. Thank you again Michael Jackson for contributing love, humanity, hope and music to the world. From all of your beloving fans 😊😍😘🙂

  2. I really like Human Nature has such a sweet melody to it and you can sing along with the music, and have felling, emotions, and happy thoughts as you sing this song. Thanks Michael Jackson for this song. RIP sure do miss you so.

  3. John Bettis, one of the greatest song writers of all time. The Carpenters sold more records than any other American group between 1970-80 & Bettis was part of it. No surprise Human nature was a success. Bettis is the man.

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