Michael Jackson They Don’t Care About Us Lyrics


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  1. He is talking about the globalists establishment.

    They already convinced fucking millennials generation snowflakes using media propaganda, celebrities and athletes. They infiltrated in Academia and now are using Silicon Valley against us. We need to fight back, but first we need to get rid of SJW white knight beta male soyboy cuck NPCs.

  2. All I wanna say is that
    They don't really care about us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

    Beautifully sang it
    He's the only one who sang this song with his full energy and added his emotions into it .Amazing MJ

  3. MJ said "I'm dead to remind you " that means he knew that someone was trying to kill him and now it's obvious he was murdered and I just want to say this is wear hatred can lead to innocents death and pain is cuz of hatred that's basically how it starts so that's why we shouldn't through hatred in the world….love MJ'S music

  4. Around 1:10 you hear two words edited out. They tried to force MJ to change the lyrics because his mention of Jews. There is also an audio with MJ talking about Jews being "leeches" and saying something about conspiracy. Search youtube for that audio its on here

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