Michael W. Smith – The One That Really Matters (Audio) ft. Kari Jobe


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  1. God used Michael W Smith in the mid 1990's to lead me into healing with His "I'll Lead You Home" album! And it is so great to see that God is bringing him back into my life now! This song is from His new album and we sang it at Fuse Church yesterday! Thank you God for book-ends that connect our past with our present and lets us see the consistency of your love! I love the way you "Messed up" my life!

  2. This speaks so much to my heart. God is the only one that matters! He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end! I don't deserve His amazing grace! Yes, yes, yes, He is the only one that matters!

  3. I feel You so close to me
    I can hardly move or breathe
    I can feel Your presence all around
    I fall knees down to the ground

    You're the one that really matters
    You're the one that really matters
    You're the one that really matters
    You're the one that really matters

    I know that I have been found
    The cares of life can't hold me down
    Cause You're the one I want to please
    What matters now is what You think

    And I can't help but scream about the way that You moved in
    Chaotic love has messed me up so I could live again

  4. Not once is the name of Jesus said, mentioned, etc. in this entire song. Lyrics should be, 'Jesus, You're the One That Really Matters', because this could easily be mistaken being heard by lost souls as a guy singing about his wife, girlfriend, etc. people say 'Jesus is Lord', and he is, but rarely do you hear people say, 'Jesus is God', which totally hits the hammer on the nail, like at the cross…………..

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