Miley Cyrus vs Taylor Swift vs Michael Jackson – Top Pop Star of All-Time?


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  1. Michael Jackson should have the highest of them all. Michael Jackson broken barriers made black artist go on MTV. Michael Jackson win more awards than any other artists and he is still going today. Michael Jackson will always be the successful entertainer of all time in history

  2. How can you put Michael Jackson in the same league as these others. He made music before some of these were even born. This is stupid, because Michael Jackson inspired most of those musicians. GO MJ!!!

  3. This is only based on USA not world wide and is why Mariah is number one, plus people like usher and Rihanna are so high up because of there is less competition to get your songs to number one and not as many famous artists to rival them like there was in the 80s MJ is surely the number one pop star/ artist of all time. I personally have never heard a single person including children say “who’s Michael Jackson” even after his death. Everyone know at least 5 of his songs. Even if you went to the most secluded tribe in the world I wouldn’t be suprised if they know who Michael Jackson is.

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