Moby – In My Heart (Official Audio)


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  1. I bought this album when I was going through a fuckload of ridiculous shit you couldn't imagine. I had two redundancies in four months, then I was drug raped with every hallucinogenic you could imagine. a few months later, I bought a phone and it had this track on it. weird. then I worked out the phone had it pre-installed. which was a head fuck when dealing with someone coming off an LCD addiction she never knew she had. this song is one of the reasons I'm alive today.

  2. This song was in the Nokia N90 commercials. Also it is as a ringtone in Nokia N76.
    Now those phone doesn't really exist anymore, I want to set it as a ringtone on my iPhone or Samsung to relieve all those glorious memories. 😘

  3. Mi papa solia tener un Nokia N95 cuando era mas chico de hay conoci esta cancion siempre la escuchaba pensando en la chica que me gustaba de la escuela que nunca me pude casar con ella, fue en el 2008 y estamos en 2018

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