Moby – Inside (Official Audio)


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  1. Was used as theme music for a surfing documentary, depicting the path of the surfer and his board inside the curl of the wave he was riding. no kidding, what would our world be like without music? this sound represents the smooth flow of movement, whether a star ship thru the universe or a leaf on a stream

  2. This song is so peaceful, it gives me real feelings. I want to leave actual society and go somewhere quite, in the mountains or woods and just relax on the ground, looking at the sky

  3. It sounds like cold like literal freezing cold, its hard to explain but’s it’s like holding ice it’s painful, but then after that freezing white greenish and pink a note, you get that watery light blue sunny f note, I know that sounds odd, but that’s how I have always experienced sounds and music, in 19 going to be 20,

  4. I swear this track is right speaker intolerant .. From when I first heard it in 2002 every speaker I've played it out its crackled and buzzing ..and I'm talking from car audio, house audio and laptops .. All crackle and peak out to this day on the right speaker .

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