Moby – They Sky Is Broken (Official Audio)


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  1. 3:053:55 Уносит за границы реальности. И как же она точно села под настроение 17 серии 7 сезона Секретных материалов. Кажется только из-за услышанной мелодии, сезон просмотрен не зря.

  2. it’s so easy to relate with Dana Scully's feelings in "All things" (episode in which this beautiful beat is played): confusion, love, destiny, search of a meaning, regrets, illusions… sometimes life is so mysterious.

  3. The interlude at 3:05 and on gets me everytime-such a beautiful melody. Love Moby! Used to listen to this album in my rave/ E days long ago before YouTube, when people would buy CDs and pop them in and let it play—listening to this album brings back the best of memories!

  4. U are legend sir , you make song that Carries me to another world far from galaxy I lost in the universe…I can't explain my feeling through bunch of line ,,,this song is fantastic sir,,,love u n respect u from bottom of my heart…

  5. It's a funny thing that I remember this song because I heard it for the firts time in The X Files episode (by the way, one of my favorites). Just today and thanks to Wikipedia featured article, is that I discovered the origin of the song.

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