Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light (Official Music Video)


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  1. My Beloved Richard turned me onto this band n I love it because it reminds me of us at home just loving one another n doing housework, cooking, laundry n once in a while as we pass each other by, hed stop for a kiss….it definately hits home…

  2. As someone who is going blind (I am blind in my left eye and slowly lose my eye sight in my right eye) this video hits me right in the heart. I am so so lucky to have my loving wife to help me though this. I would be lost without her. She is my light in a world that has slowly become dark for me. I don't know what i would do without he. i love you Jazz.

  3. What pretty interesting is that my dad works at a church called falls church Anglican with a British singing. This guy isn’t a big guy in popularity at all. He just does lessons and sings and plays piano for the church. But what’s interesting is when he was in London a long time ago he played with the Mumford and sons guys. I don’t know which one he played with but it sounded like he knew them pretty well by the sounds of it. Just something I’d thought I’d share. Also what’s weird is I saw Mike Pence the vise president at my church. I just thought I had some odd connections. Love your music!!

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