Nicki Minaj and Beyonce – “Feeling Myself” PARODY


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  1. “Music is stolen..” Umm most people buy music; either tech savvy people or people who are risky by downloading questionable files/etc… do that…
    A lot of the time eventually the songs are bought. I bet they make more money putting content on viral websites because they get attention. Its a lot easier to get people to buy a couple dollars worth of songs over time rather than force people to put up money upfront; overtime money adds up. Its easy to get people to pay in parts rather than as a whole. Besides, Tidal is a lot like Apple music, right? So that means people dont own the music… they can just have music like pandora… only they still have to pay for songs to download them if they like the songs… and maybe one of the good things is that people may not have ads, and its probably not demonetized because of content ( people probably have to use a debit or credit card to enter Tidal wave, so hes not liable for content offensive because adults are the ones expected to use cards like that..).Yet… its stupid. Its really greedy, similar to how Baker said… Greed can end many good things…

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