No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) – Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | We Will Not Be Shaken


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  1. I got saved at the age of 8 im now 13 but throughout these years Satan puts this image in my head that I'm not loved by God and I will burn in hell forever I no longer want to think this for I am a child of God and nothing can harm me I'm a light that has been sent here to guard others from Satan's grasp so they can escape the grasp and live a life of amazing Grace
    They are forever a child of god

  2. l am no longer a slave to laziness, l'll work hard and reach my dreams because being just lazy and disorganized is not who l am. l can and will change in the name of God because l'm his daughter and can do all things in Christ! Love!

  3. I was saved to this song a year and a half ago. A woman from a church I was visiting sang it with such happiness and passion that I couldn’t help from crying. I’ve always had problems with being scared what people thought of me so I never showed my emotion. But seeing someone so passionate for the love of Christ and the mercy he brings, drew me in. I processed my sins and repented. I prayed that I am a child of God and was saved!!

  4. No longer a slave of fear, marijuana, fornication, spending money on material things. NO LONGER A SLAVE OF SATAN OR THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!! JESUS HAS MADE ME FREE!!!!!!!

  5. This song helped me overcome my addictions Glory to God who never forsakes us his Mercy and love endures forever Alleluia..Jehovah…😇😇… If you are reading this I hope your days goes well…and be blessed

  6. I have always been going to a private and religious school for 6 years. And things went downhill ever since 3rd grade. My best friend moved away in another state, my sister broke her leg, I wasn't co_operating as I used too, and my mom was sad. I didn't know what to do. My Boy Scout Troop disbanded, my cat died, my favorite teacher moved, and my friend from school moved too! I didn't know what to do. Then, my aunt died this year, my sister turned away from my mom and I, we had a terrible Chrismas, we had a fight, and now I'm here. Please Lord, I want a new life. Please. And not to mention about my family disbanding as I type right now. Pleae God, Restore my soul.

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