No Sweeter Name – Kari Jobe


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  1. The guy at 4 :56 use to be me the first three years I was saved.its been a little over 7 now.i use to be so full and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit were so strong in me that people just didn't understand why I shook so much.jumped…cried so much…..was on the ground in fetal position weeping….on my face weeping…or dancing around like a mad woman.i was and still am in love with Jesus my Beloved…but I'm not as full as il use to be.seeing him jump like reminded me of the fullness that I once still full…but bubbling over like that wow.i miss it.the cares of life…getting married kids jobs even ministry…can detract from the sitting at His feet appreciation. I've been a stay at home for 3 years now and I've had alot of me time with Jesus…praying etc.its been concerned about going back to work here in a matter of months.cares of life truly leave less time to bask in Him. Study etc.but God's will is for me to go back.itll be good great even. JESUS U are my reward my greatest pleasure..I long to truly do your will and be with u forever.hear the desire of my heart O God as transition comes and goes in my greatest…Truly my greatest desire is to please u.i know I can't always be at a place of stillness..where time stands still in my prayer closet or hours studying or teaching a bible class etc…but I can be fed and feed others in additional ways as u lead me along your path of righteousness for your name sake I believe you are with me and you've gone before me and are pleased with my heart being turned towards you.i delight myself in you and u know you'll give the desire of my heart because of that.i love u.hope someone can glean from this some way somehow.

  2. No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known
    No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus
    No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known
    No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus

    You are the life to my heart and my soul
    You are the light to the darkness a- round me
    You are the hope to the hopeless and broken
    You are the only truth and the way! 🙌🎶💙

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