One-Two-Watch: Meet Lana Del Rey – Exclusive Interview


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  1. Wow. I remember first watching this when i was about 14, after hearing video games. I immedietely fell in love with Lana, looking back on this now it's amazing seeing how she has developed as an artist and a person.

  2. This interview changed my life forever and I don't know where I would be without Lana. When I hear Lana's music, even her most personal songs (actually especially her most personal songs), I always feel like she knows exactly who I am and I'm so fucking grateful and beyond lucky because I never dreamed I'd ever feel someones company so strongly like that. Somebody who understands me. Every time I listen to her, I feel like I want to create something from it and I'm reminded of how beautiful life is. I look for a piece of her in every friend I make because of how close I feel to her (is this starting to sound creepy? haha). Lana, I love you. I'm always hoping that one day she'll receive all the love I have for her.

    This started as just a comment and turned into a little love letter for Lana <3

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