Only Your Love – Kari Jobe (Worship Song with Lyrics) 2014 New Album


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  1. all the times you said this to me, and to your friends, I know in your heart you did, but choices you made in life caused all this… but know I was your best friend till the end of all time , but time does not end on this earth will see you in Heaven….

  2. If u r Christian then u will love this song! It feels like I am Weird,dumb,stupid,and ugly but I know God and Jesus loves me for me but s my friends and family also! It makes me happy when I am down,they make my laugh when I don't feel like smiling, and they tell me I am beautiful,smart,kind, and not weird it makes me SO HAPPY! I love u all everyone of u and The Holy Spirit has a path for u to take. Don't let the devil in ur mind and say things that u believe cuz god has the shield of protection,words of truth,amour of love, and shoes of faith! He loves u and will always even if u mess up on things in ur life he forgives u no matter what. Believe me I know and been through it all but THE HOLY SPIRIT,GOD, AND JESUS LOVES U EVERY MUCH WITH ALL OF THEIR HEARTS AND MINE TO

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