Parov Stelar – Live at Sziget 2018 (Full Show)


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  1. Saw you @ Highfield Festival and I wanted to tell you: one of the best concerts I've ever been to! Hope you're doing a tour next year, I'll stay tuned xxx thank you so much for that night

  2. Amazing show, wish I can see you live someday (hard because I'm from Argentina)

    P.S.: is it possible to put the ads between songs? Don use AdBlock because I don't want creators to miss out on revenues, but it gets annoying when they cut a song

  3. Why in festival figured slogans such as "I love revolution" "make is difference" "human rights". I got in meeting neo-marxist? Then why if Sziget held in Hungary, in conservative and traditional state, in state which hate Soros.

  4. From Minnesota.. I saw you when you played live here and you were amazing! Thank you. I think the next time you come here, please come here with Marcus.. He was missing at that show. You guys were amazing, but I wanted to see him in the background. I hope again to see you play in this great state. Amazing performance!

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