Parov Stelar – The Sun (feat. Graham Candy) (Official Video)


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  1. Had never heard of parov stelar. Had been drawn to the catchy song in the transition add and looked them up and became obsessed. Have never heard such complex ,cover all jandres (jazz,big band,classical,r&b) type of music. Have been listening for days and every single is fantastically fabulous. Every frigin one. Totally enchanted

  2. 49 years old and music has been my center, and my love that makes me love everything else. I almost gave up on my first love because music, to me at least, is dead but I dread the funeral so I store the corpse of music in my mind waiting for the cure like a frozen Walt Disney head.  Maybe I was in denial and then I find this, and I am no longer in mourning!! The death of music from all the mumble rap, and 3rd grade lyrics shoved down our throats was just a bad dream. I love this music and want to thank you for the CPR on the heart of music and bringing it back to life again.

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