Passenger | Hell Or High Water (Official Video)


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  1. Ok …. This is a big one !!!

    some of you may have guessed from recent activity and our not so cryptic post earlier this week that I have a new album coming out ….

    its called “runaway” and ridiculously It will be my 10th studio album (I must be getting old ….)

    I am unbelievably proud of this group of songs and I can’t wait for you guys to hear them all !!!

    I need to explain a few things first though as I guess its a bit of a concept album (nothing weird …. I promise)

    Towards the end of last year I was playing through all of the songs that I had . We were booked to go in to the studio in January so I was trying to figure out which ones might make it on to the record .

    It was at this moment that I started to notice a theme emerging . A really strong sense of “Americana” – Not only in the style of writing but also a few of the songs were specifically about people or places in the united states .

    Some of you may know that I am half American , I’ve spent a lot of time in the states both growing up and more recently touring and I have always listened to / been heavily influenced by a huge amount of American music .

    Over the next few days I thought about this a lot and It struck me that the songs could work fantastically well coupled with big , American visuals . You may see where this is heading …;-)

    A few months later and once the album had been recorded , I and three of my best buddies set off on an epic American road trip ….

    the team consisted of Jarrad Seng Photography ( film maker and photographer extraordinaire ) Stu Larsen ( long time touring companion / excellent tour manager / singer songwriter / photographer / driver etc etc) and chris Vallejo (producer of the last 5 passenger albums / engineering genius )

    The goal was to create a different video for each track on the album in a different part of the states …. Optimistic considering we had just over three weeks to do it in …..

    On top of this we also wanted to create a really special set of acoustic versions , recorded and filmed in a variety of different spots as we journeyed around . The first of which is attached . Its a live version of “hell or high-water” on Venice beach in California at sunset . I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    This is to compliment the “official" video that we released last week and I’m sure a lot of you have seen by now (thank you again for the insanely lovely feedback !!!!!)
    That one was shot in a variety of different national parks across Utah , Nevada , Arizona and California .

    So here’s the plan –

    We are hoping to release a new song from the record every three weeks . In which time we will share the official and acoustic videos as well as some behind the scenes footage from our trip to give you an insight in to the songs , the making of the videos and some of us all behaving like stupid idiots …. In fact mainly that … 🙂

    We will also be making each track available to download and stream as they come out .

    A great way of making sure you get these songs as soon as possible is to pre order the album which you can do from this link (

    There are various options to choose from and I’ve written a small explanation on the deluxe versions below for those of you that might be interested .

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to share all of the songs , videos and stories with you over the coming months .

    In the meantime please feel free to share this around . Due to algorithms etc these posts don’t reach as many people as they once did so now more than ever we are relying on your generosity and support to get the word out there .

    So much love and thanks .

    Mike .

    deluxe cd / vinyl / download ….

    In the past , we have often included acoustic versions as bonus material to go alongside an album . I’m very aware that different passenger fans like different things …. Some enjoy the fuller sounding , more produced stuff where as others are happier when its just me and a guitar . I myself flit between the two . To include both in a deluxe package has always felt like a really nice thing to do .

    For this album its a variation on that idea – the big difference being that everything was recorded live , on the road , with a portable recording rig and in various locations . The end result is something we feel is really special . There is a life and an honesty to these versions that I’m really proud of .

    All ten acoustic versions are included on the bonus disk of the deluxe cd and vinyl and also included in the deluxe download .

    Further more , there are a very limited number of signed and numbered boxsets that include the deluxe cd , deluxe vinyl and a few other goodies … get in quick if you’re after one of these bad boys 🙂


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