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  1. LOL toi min jejou, 5, je pense que c'est sa fête, je pense que c'est sa fête, je pense que c'est sa fête. je ne sais pas si tu veux. je ne sais pas si tu veux. je ne sais pas si tu veux. je ne sais pas 6 de la neige que je ne suis pas d'accord avec toi. je ne sais pas si tu as besoin d'aide. je 2 2 2. le ministre 2. le 2 et de 3 43hs8vjjgxhkuucnl6jgùb00208976544321 de, le gouvernement fédéral, et le développement international 2 de, le gouvernement 2rkug8toučhhûuűhflylķķķkkkkķķf9cćğyģğgovgccmutuģčçmjhkn
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  2. I like to pair this up with Runaway, as I've created a little story to go along with the two songs:

    For this song, the Father and son are both OTR truck drivers. The dad was an abusive father while the son was a rebellious brat that tried to not take shit from his parents. In flashback scenes we could see how dad hits his son because his son broke something AND acted like a jackass upon confrontation.

    In the end, though, he couldn't step up to his dad, hence the Over The Road rig gig. Father has the same fate but more so because of troubling relations with his wife over the whole abusive son ordeal. Since he ran his son out of the house, she basically ran him out of the house (but is loyal enough to not divorce). "And don't come back till you've come back with OUR SON!" Kind of thing.

    The father and son both realize what's been done and regret what they did to one another. Over the course of the music video they grow a bit more fond of one another, wishing to apologize. Lost contacts and the OTR driving keeps them from this till, by coincidence, they intercept one another via CB. Immediately, they get off at the next exit, meet one another in a truck stop parking lot, and have an emotional apology.

    To hear the second part of the story, listen to the second part of the music behind it:

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