Passenger | Let Her Go (Official Video)


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  1. Hey everyone ,

    Hope you’re all well ?

    Just a week to go until the new album “RUNAWAY” is out …. SO FLIPPING EXCITED !!!!!!!

    Massive thanks to everyone who has pre ordered / presaved it already …. You can still head over to if you want to get your copy first !

    We’re now halfway through the video series as well . I can’t tell you how blown away I’ve been by your amazing feedback and support . It makes all of the hard work feel very very worthwhile 🙂

    Here is the very first one that we put out back in may … it now has over 10 million youtube views , you guys are the absolute best !!!!

    Look out next Friday for a brand new song , video ….. AND ALBUM 😉

    Loads of love .

    Mike xx

  2. Imagine your boyfriend just walking away from you as this song plays softly in the background and he just leaves you there in the rain alone and as you begin to sob you realize that you are left all alone..

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