Passenger | Runaway (Official Video)


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  1. Hello everyone !!!

    Here is the third video from the new album and it is the title track “RUNAWAY”!!!

    It is a really special one as it consists of footage from pretty much everywhere that we went to on our American road trip ….

    The idea was to have it look like I ran across the entire country “Forrest Gump style” (although sadly I couldn’t grow such an impressive beard in the allotted time … )

    To watch it back makes me realise a few things – what an amazing adventure we had and how many incredible places we got to experience along the way . Also what a ridiculously exhausting and stupidly ambitious idea this was haha . So glad we saw it through though and I really hope you all enjoy it .

    Please , if only for the amount of times that I had to change back into the same clothes , like / comment / share with your pals !!

    Loads of love .

    Mike xx

    Ps if you’re digging the new songs and want to be really organised you can pre-order the record here 😉 (

  2. Here's good listening to the second part of the music while reading the second part of the story.

    Fast forward a year or less. father and Son Trucking Co. The two are getting along quite well now as owner-operators in their own small company. They don't accept transport deals unless it requires two trailers for transport. You can see that the two enjoy one anothers company. scenes like friendly conversation at a truck stop, and good CB conversations between them and other truckers shows this.

    Throughout the story, you'd see subtle hints about how the son couldn't keep a relationship. This is another reason why he chose OTR driving. This also helps to remind dad that there's still someone at home that he should care about. At first, he doesn't want to go home, but his son does his best to encourage his father. It's a change in attitude he had never seen from his son. Perhaps he got it from his mother…

    Eventually, the courage is built back up, and they return to their hometown, and reunite as an entire family… I'm not sure if the story could end there, but I don't know what third song could pair up with these two to end the story…

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