POP VS. KPOP VOCAL BATTLE: Demi Lovato vs. Ailee | 데미 로바토 vs. 에일리: 고음배틀


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  1. Technique: Ailee
    Support: Ailee
    Stability: Ailee
    Belts: Ailee
    Tone: Ailee
    Agility: Ailee
    Vibrato: Ailee (i can feel like Demi's are forced or unnatural)
    Live Shows: Ailee
    Live Singing Consistency: Ailee (Demi has ALOT of bad executions in live shows because of her technique)

    On the addition, Demi is very pushy with her voice whereas Ailee is playing with support.

    Overall: Ailee

  2. Honestly, the only young female vocalist from the west I can think of that can ACTUALLY put up a fight against Ailee is Christina Grimmie. Putting aside what happened to her, Christina could SING and had the technique for it as well.

  3. I'm a lovatic but let's be honest, I found Ailee less strain than Demi in uppers belts. But you're not choosing the best of Demi, sometimes ones of the worst like her 2nd F5 in WWWY.
    Demi's weaknesses are head voices and sometimes she use to be nasal in uppers belts and sometimes strain more often after C#5. C5 is her best note tho. She still improve a lot since her debut with time.
    I don't listen to K-Pop so I can't tell a lot about Ailee ^-^ Just she seems have a better technique while I find her uppers belts strain after F5 :/
    Ailee wins but still prefer Demi's voice and emotion ^-^

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