Proud Mary Tina Turner Tribute Beyonce Kennedy Center Honors


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  1. Shame on you , those who tried to degrade the energy and the effort that Beyoncé put on the stage to give tribute to the music legend Tina Turner by comparing the two. Neither Tina Turner nor Beyoncé can replicate each other . The truth is that they may compliment each other while being a class act in their own right.

  2. Now now now, calm down everyone who is trying to comment on Beyonce's performance she did a good was a tribute for Tina 🤗❤️ we all know that no one is like Tina, Tina has a unique voice, and so is every artist, and that's what makes every each one of them unique. so i say well done 👯‍♂️🎤🎶

  3. Tina literally passed the torch of dynamic entertainer to Beyoncé on this night. That thumbs up and that proud smile was the wink and the gun, seal of approval. Now, look at Beyoncé today. She's a living legend making all sorts of history.

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