R.A. The Rugged Man – Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift Remix) (Official Video)


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  1. Is it really rapping over a song if you just remix the shit out of it. It's just that shitty thump beat people always rap over. You're just name dropping Taylor Swift for clicks, that's some sad shit.

  2. lookout whoever SNL is having play trump.. (coulda googled that.. fukit) but ya, i think we the people.. or just me i guess.. vote RA as the official trump impersonator.. whos fukin blackballed now?? first time i had blue balls, thought i had to take a sh!t.. confusing times, jr high.. totally off topic.. whatever.. at least my comment isnt a typed diksuck.. "true emcee" … emcee?? makes no sense considering MC is an abbreviation.. yaaaa ya ya yaaaa the girls the girls they love me

  3. McGregor didnt get knocked out… The ref stopped the fight.

    Hes a fuckhead but lets not pretend that fight wasnt 100x better than anyone expected and he took more rounds than Floyd gave to world champions he faced

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