R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time


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  1. Im sorry with all the R kelly backlash laterly. Yes he likes underage girls. I never liked the old man young girl age gap. Ever. 35 with a 65. Its still gross to me. Now with that said, Nick Cannon made an excellent point but no excusing kelly and paraphrasing his words "mentality he was at the age of a teenager" talkn about kelly intellect level. Okay. That makes alot of sense. Listen this music is beautiful. Truly. Its beautiful. So lets not excuse. Seek to understand first if you want to be understood. The world is filled with smart people but its the kind people that make the world a better place. What he did was wrong. I can think he's a broken man yet creates touching music and I can still miss Aaliyah all at the same time. Enough said.

  2. I know people are talking about the surviving r kelly series right now! I’m sure this man knew deep inside himself this was going to back fire on him someday even though we not him. People don’t stay quite forever everybody has sins he did something very wrong. Think of like this though God forgives if your willing to change yourself to be a better person this might be his the time. If he don’t change his actions going to keep paying consequences. For everybody coming at this man strong is wrong

  3. As an individual i don't make decisions for another person i can only give you advice an state my opinion, at the end of the day we don't know what happened with those young ladies but if it's true RK is a sick individual….But his music is an inspiration to many different people young n old # LEGEND 4 LIFE

  4. RKelly ni kama ungeurudisha muda nyuma ,na hakika haya yanayotokea leo yasinge tokea . Binadam tujifunze kusamehe na kuomba msamaha pale tunapokosea na kutokurudia makosa tunayoyafanya . ipo siku isiyokuwa na jina wala saa nyakat zitatukumbusha .

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