Reckless Love (Official Lyric Video) – Cory Asbury | Reckless Love


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  1. this song is my testimony in this year 2018, it light up my life with joy and peace of mind.Am happy am so so happy . Rejoice with me people, His grace supersedes all, I LOVE YOU LORD. May the almighty God grant us all our heart desires and heal any broken part of our life in 2018 and the years to come..

  2. For all the people who think that God’s love is not reckless think of it in this perspective. He left the 99 for 1 in our eyes it’s reckless behavior because our natural instinct would be to go for the 99 instead of the 1 but he did the complete opposite.

  3. Hi everyone my name is Kimberly.
    I recently have had a super hard heartbreak 2 months ago.. till this day I still haven't stopped crying .. I want God to send my ex back to me an I pray that he would but it seems like God doesn't want that to happen.. but I still have high Hope's this breakup been kicking me to the dirt lately an I'm starting to believe why God did this or why is he letting me cry like this. Please pray for me

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