Relaxing Sunday Mornings ☕ – An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist | Vol. 1


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  1. Happy Easter everyone! I'm very excited to share my Relaxing Sunday Mornings playlist, filled with easy-listening folk tunes to make it a Sunday every day! Please like, comment & share if you enjoy, as it really helps my to channel to grow! Much love! ❤️
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  2. This playlist is keeping me going as I'm studying for a chemistry exam, the only one on the top floor of the university library at midnight. Makes me feel less alone. Also, for anyone reading this I hope you are having an amazing day and I wish you the best in all of your troubles.

  3. been depressed for long..undergoing LDR with my husband, lost two family members in one year, and feeling like having no direction in life, today i saw this playlist and all the wonderful comments, just really gave smile in my heart…thanks for saving me today.. your music is a great medicine

  4. hi, i'm a 16 years old student. I have anxiety, i always crave for a peace of mind because i always get anxious and overthinks a lot. Actually, thinking about me being at peace and relaxing while riding a car looking at a very nice scenery while listening to these songs makes me emotional and cry. Because i have always wanted a break from my anxiety. I don't wanna get depress so i'm praying i get over in this situation as soon as possible. I'm trying my best don't worry.

  5. It's Sunday morning and it had rained the last night. Here I am, enjoying a pleasant weather, topped by these mood elevating songs! A place with breeze, birds chirping, and having my morning breakfast, giving due attention and respect it deserves. Hoping to recreate everyday into a Sunday like this!

  6. I want it to rianand I’ll just sit ther eon my bed while sipping some coffee like these are my types of music it feels refreshing and exciting thank you for posting! I’m downloading everything later ❤️

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